WordPress Money Sites Profit package ‘I thought my life was over’: ‘I am very disappointed’ in Trump tweet, Trump confidante says

‘I thought my life was over’: ‘I am very disappointed’ in Trump tweet, Trump confidante says

NEW YORK — Trump confidante Roger Stone is no longer supporting President Donald Trump, but he is still tweeting out his regrets over the tweets and is weighing the options of running for president in 2020, a Trump confidant told The Associated Press.

Stone is now on the board of Trump’s National Political Advisory Council and is helping to plan his 2020 run.

Stone told the AP that he had not yet decided on a 2020 run and that he was looking at all options.

“I was thinking, ‘I don’t want to waste my time, I’m not in this for the money, I want to make sure the country is safe, I don’t have to be in politics.

I’m going to focus on my life,'” Stone said in an interview with the AP.

“I was like, ‘God, I just want to get out of this.'”

Stone said he had been planning to run for president since the mid-1990s and said he was still a Trump loyalist.

“People think I’m out of touch, but I’ve always supported him,” Stone said.

The White House did not immediately respond to an AP request for comment.

Stone is also a Trump adviser who served as the chief strategist and communications director.

He is currently a contributing editor at Politico.

Stone said that he still believes in the president, but that he now has a different perspective on Trump.

After Trump tweeted about the possibility of a 2020 bid, Stone, a longtime friend of Trump, posted on Twitter: “If I thought my family was going to be put through the wringer, I would have run for President.

And if I was going for it, I’d have won.”

Stone said on Tuesday that he did not know if he would run for office again and that Trump did not make him run.

Trump’s adviser on the National Political Strategy and Communications Council, Mike Dubke, said Stone’s comments were “disheartening” and that the president had no plans to run again.

But Stone said he did have a new perspective on the president.

As he prepared to leave the White House, Stone said, Trump told him that he would do the right thing by his family, his career, and the country.

He said he said “goodbye” to Trump for good, but said Trump had left his imprint on his life and his legacy.

This story has been updated to include a statement from the White Nationalist website.