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How to save your cat’s life

Cat life expectancy in the UK has dropped to just 59 years, according to new data from the CatLife Foundation.

That’s down from a peak of 60 years in 2006, when it was still a year older than humans.

The latest figures from the charity also show that the average cat lifespan is now just two years.

The foundation says the number of cats being killed for the pet industry is increasing at an alarming rate, with the number killed rising from an estimated 4,000 in 2014 to 15,000 last year.

In 2016, there were 1,000 dogs and cats killed in the pet trade.

CatLife’s chief executive, Annabelle McGlone, said the decline in life expectancy was a major issue for many of the charities that have been in existence for years.

She said: “It is particularly sad to see a life expectancy that has declined in the last 20 years.”

CatLife, founded in 2007, works with organisations around the world to reduce the numbers of cats killed for pet and cosmetic industries.

Its charity cat life insurance is available to anyone who is in need of a cat for a pet or cosmetic reason.

Ms McGlones charity works with a range of organisations across the UK.

It has also been working with the charity CatLife UK to promote cat welfare.

She told the BBC: “We are working with charities across the country, including the National Trust for Wildlife, and a number of local authorities, to promote pet and cat welfare in the countryside and across the whole country.”

How to buy cat insurance online: The charity’s charity cat insurance works as a guarantee that you can get a pet insurance policy from a pet shop that meets your needs.

However, you’ll need to visit the shop to make sure you have the correct insurance type, and you’ll then need to pay a deposit.

If you can’t pay the deposit, the insurance company will give you a credit to cover your pet’s medical bills.

The CatLife website gives advice on how to choose the right insurance company for you.

The charity says the cheapest policy for the average pet will cost between £30 and £60.

It also has a free mobile app for the app, which you can download and install for free.

If your cat has died you can contact the Cat Life UK website for more advice.

For more information, see the charity’s CatLife life insurance policy FAQ.

Cat life insurance in your area CatLife has more than 30,000 members across the world.

Here’s how to find out more about cat insurance in any part of the world: UK: catlife.org.uk