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How to stay alive on the brink

A man who was critically injured in an early morning car crash has been revived after a miracle in hospital.

Key points:The accident happened on a highway near Tarrant in northern QueenslandThe man, who was not a passenger, was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arrivingA nurse and paramedic were at the scene in a critical conditionThe woman and two other people in the car suffered minor injuries.

The man was taken by ambulance to the Tarraburg Hospital but died shortly after being transported.

Emergency services were called to a highway in Tarrance in northern Australia’s Northern Territory about 3:30am local time (8:30pm AEDT).

A woman and three others were in the front passenger seat of a car travelling in the wrong direction when it hit a tree.

The crash caused the driver of the car to hit the barrier at a traffic light, killing him.

The woman, who had minor injuries, was rushed to hospital.

The other woman was in the back of the vehicle.

Both women were taken to the Royal Northern Territory Hospital, where she was pronounced deceased shortly after arrival.

The driver of another vehicle was also taken to Royal Northern Territories Hospital but was also pronounced dead.

The ambulance was able to evacuate the driver who was a paramedic who was at the accident scene.

The ABC’s Katherine Ball reported the driver’s name was not being released until the coronial inquest, due to the complexity of the circumstances.

“They’ve been really good, really helpful,” he said.

“The police and the ambulance, they’ve been very helpful.

I can’t thank them enough.”

Emergency services say the road was closed for about six hours after the crash.

The road was reopened shortly before 11:00am on Sunday.

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