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When is a lie a lie?

By Simon Williams, News24AUSTRALIA Today, we examine the nature of truth and lies.

A lie is a falsehood.

It’s something you don’t believe but you know.

That’s why we’ve been telling the story of how we came to be so proud of our heritage.

We’re proud of Australia’s story.

We’ve fought hard to make sure that our people were safe, and that our country was prosperous.

It was in our best interests to tell that story.

But for too long, we’ve let our national pride get in the way of telling it.

Today, we’re launching a series of articles about the truth, which will reveal the truth behind some of our most enduring stories, such as: The truth about the death of Princess Margaret The truth of the first atomic bomb The truth behind the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Lakes region The truth on how we’re protecting the Great Articunes and the Northern Territory The truth that will make you proud to be Australian