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How to make a high life quote

I like to think of myself as a high-life person, but this doesn’t quite cut it in Italian football.

The best way to make it work for you is to find someone who has the same interests, goals and priorities as you.

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to tell a group of friends that we’ve got to get into a group for a beer and then a game, because I don’t have enough time to spend with them. 

If you’ve got the same ambition as me, I can’t imagine a better way to spend a few hours together. 

However, you’ll be amazed by the people you can make high life quotes out of.

I can think of a couple of them right now. 

You can’t have too many, though, as a rule you’ll have to keep track of your own time. 

To make your high life, you’re going to have to pick the people with whom you’ve bonded.

I know I’ll be doing something similar to that.

The first time I made a highlife quote for my mum was when she said: “I’m a very nice girl.

I know that.” 

She was the only person I could think of who could say that. 

She’s still in my life, but it feels like a long time ago. 

This quote I wrote for her was inspired by my own mum’s high life and how she’d always wanted me to live life the way she did.

I used it to reflect on my own life. 

What would I like my life to look like?

I’d like to live a quiet life.

I want to spend less time on social media, to be free from stress and worry.

I’d also like to have a bit of time for my hobbies and go for a walk.

I would like to not go to work every day and do what I normally do.

I like the idea of living life the normal way. 

In fact, my own low life quote is the same one I used in my mum’s case.

I’m always doing something with my mum. 

When I was in high school, I had the idea that if I had a high school degree, I would never be a lawyer or a politician. 

I’d be a schoolteacher. 

The quote was inspired in part by the idea in the novel The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (published in 2010) by Mandy Paterson.

It tells the story of the titular character, a schoolboy who dreams of becoming a lawyer and a politician before he’s 13. 

At the end of the book, his father tells him that he’ll be the only one who knows what he wants. 

Mandy said that I’d be the first person to make that quote for me. 

And I think that’s exactly what I’m doing right now, as I think I’ve found my next high life.