WordPress Money Sites plug-in unit ‘A lot of black people have been taken away’: Black people have suffered in ‘white supremacist’ UK

‘A lot of black people have been taken away’: Black people have suffered in ‘white supremacist’ UK

RTE 6th February 2018 – 5:00PM Black people in the UK are suffering the consequences of “white supremacist” policies which have taken away their “liberty”, according to a report by the Black Lives Matter UK group.

Black people who are unemployed are often pushed into the hands of landlords who do not want them, the report says.

The report also says there is a “dismal lack” of awareness about the racial and economic disadvantage faced by black people.

“The economic crisis, social and political inequities, lack of housing, and the rise of white supremacist, anti-black racism in the last few years have created a toxic environment where it is not acceptable to be black or to live in a black area,” said Black Lives Matters UK’s Michelle Gidley.

“Black lives matter.

We know that the UK needs to do more to address the problems facing black people, but we also know that in order to address these problems, we need to recognise the oppression and racism that black people face.”

The report, entitled White Supremacy in Britain: Black Lives, Economic and Racial Disadvantages, has just been published by the Institute of Directors, which is the UK’s main think tank.

The authors say that the white supremacy ideology has been embedded in society for decades and continues to influence public policy.

“White supremacist ideology is the most powerful and persistent form of racism and oppression in Britain today,” the report said.

“It is used to justify all kinds of anti-immigrant, anti–black, anti‐black racism, and has been seen as legitimate by the right and by the left alike.”

The authors said the government’s failure to tackle the issue of racial and socio-economic inequality, particularly the rising number of black and minority ethnic (BME) people living in poverty, has made the situation even worse.

The problem is particularly acute in Black communities in the capital, London.

The study points out that the poverty rate for Black people is higher than for any other racial group in the country.

In the capital alone, the poverty rates for Black and Asian people are three times higher than those for the national average.

“There is a lack of knowledge about the impact of this on people’s lives and how to tackle it,” Gidynell said.

The Black Lives Lives Matter report says that a lack, as the authors call it, of awareness of the racism and economic deprivation faced by Black people has also resulted in an unequal and unequal distribution of wealth.

“This has led to an unequal distribution in wealth, and a lack that can lead to further discrimination,” the authors said.

In its most recent census, there were 1.1 million Black people living on £3.72 per week, compared to 1.3 million white people living the same on £4.06 per week.

The poverty rate among Black people aged between 15 and 24 was 13.5 per cent compared to 12.2 per cent for white people aged 15-24.

Gidyne added that the problem was compounded by the fact that people who have lived in the city for a long time, often have to live “under pressure” to work because of the shortage of jobs.

She also pointed out that many people living under pressure to work in low-paid jobs do not even have the money to buy food.

The Government is expected to release its Autumn Statement in January.