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Play as a wild life in this free mobile app

By playing a virtual wildlife game in your phone or tablet, you can capture wildlife as you go, while you also share your adventures with your friends.

The app is designed to help you find your way around the world, and is also the perfect companion to a trip to the park.

Here are the features:Wildlife park:Discover wild life with your smartphone, tablet, or a dedicated camera.

Capture your wildlife in different habitats, such as parks, lakes, rivers, and wildlife refuges.

Create a custom camera experience with your phone, including a wild camera, a zoom lens, a night vision lens, and more.

Use virtual cameras to capture wildlife with your camera, including in the field, on your phone’s camera app, or with other apps.

Capture wild life as you walk, cycle, or drive.

You can capture animals from a distance with the camera and zoom lens feature.

You can also record wild animals in a park or a field.

Capture wildlife from a range of angles and take a photo with your Android smartphone or tablet.

The app also includes a wide range of wildlife video apps to capture your wildlife on your mobile phone, tablet or camera.

Find more information about wildlife games at Google Play.