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What you need to know about CSX’s crew life certification, certification from a major airline

The world’s largest airlines are now requiring all crew members to complete a life skills certification program, after a series of high-profile incidents involving deadly passenger-coach accidents.

The program is being phased in at the largest airlines, including the world’s biggest carrier, United.

Crew members must complete a 12-week program before they are allowed to fly.

United says its first pilot-led flight will take place in December. 

The new program follows a string of incidents involving high-speed train crashes and passengers killed or injured in the past. 

A CSX passenger train crashed on its way from Chicago to Los Angeles, killing a woman and injuring six people.

A United Airlines plane clipped a passenger ferry in Florida, killing four and injuring two. 

In January, a passenger train from Washington, D.C., crashed in the U.S. Virgin Islands, killing two passengers and injuring three. 

And in July, a U.K. Airways jet crashed in England, killing the pilot and killing five other people. 

“The goal is to ensure that all pilots are certified,” said United Airlines chief executive Officer Oscar Munoz in a statement.

“Our pilots are highly trained and are fully trained to be responsible for the safety and well-being of passengers and crew members.”

The airline has also launched a pilot training program for its crew. 

United’s decision comes as other major carriers are also considering life skills certifications for their pilots. 

American Airlines says it will begin requiring pilots to complete its Crew Life Certification program by January 2019, and the airline says it plans to begin requiring pilot-lead training in the fall of 2019. 

Delta has also rolled out a pilot-driven life skills program for pilots, and Virgin America has announced plans to require pilot-level training for pilots.

The United program is aimed at reducing the number of people who die on United flights and is expected to cost $2 billion.