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How to avoid getting ripped off when you shop online

A new online marketer has helped shoppers avoid a major headache when it comes to the hassle of finding clothes online: getting ripped.

For the last three years, Etsy has been the go-to platform for shoppers looking for clothes online, but there’s been an emerging industry of sellers that charge big fees for the privilege of selling.

In an effort to stop these outfits from being ripped off, Etsy announced a new service called Etsy Cash.

Etsy Cash is a new way for sellers to get their goods delivered.

The service requires a PayPal account, and buyers have to have a PayPal balance.

When a seller reaches out to buyers via Etsy Cash, Etsy will get a $5.95 commission, but sellers can also use PayPal to get a cut of the total cost of the goods.

The money will go directly to the seller and be credited to the buyer’s PayPal account.

To use Etsy Cash with Etsy, a buyer must be a seller who has a PayPal address.

You will need to create a seller account for Etsy Cash and then add a PayPal link to your shop.

Etsy will then credit your account with the full $5 fee.

Ethene Cash also lets you make payments through a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

To add a credit or debit card as a payment option, the seller must provide a link to their PayPal account when you ask them to send a payment.

The buyer can pay for items on Etsy with their PayPal balance, and the seller will receive a check for the balance.

Ebay’s new $5 service will be available in stores this summer.