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Which child life specialists do you recommend?

There’s been a spate of high profile child abuse allegations over the past few years, and there have been calls for more support for those who have lost their lives to abuse. 

The Independent Children’s Commissioner is calling for a new inquiry into child protection, and an independent body to examine whether child protection services have properly assessed the impact of the “war on drugs” on children.

There are also calls for an inquiry into the government’s “war against drugs”, with some suggesting the government is putting child protection at risk.

The Independent Child Protection Commissioner is an independent organisation set up by the government in 2013 to monitor and assess the impact on children of the war on drugs.

Its mission statement states: “Our objective is to prevent and deter child abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Our mandate is to provide impartial and independent advice and analysis to Government and the wider community.

We provide independent assessments of the effects of a range of public and private policies, policies and programmes.”

We also examine and report on child welfare and children’s issues to ensure that Government, the community and the courts are held fully accountable for their actions.

“The Commissioner is the sole legal representative of children under 16 in the UK.

The Commissioner is also the only authority able to monitor the progress of child protection policies and practices and to make recommendations to the government on how they can improve the protection of children.”

It is currently investigating allegations that child abuse has been going on in the care of children in a care home in the town of Maitland, south-west of Liverpool, since 2002. 

In February this year, a court heard how a former care home worker and an employee had been charged with raping a seven-year-old boy in a room. 

This week, the child abuse campaigner Sarah Vine said the government should have investigated the allegations in the early 1990s, and it was “a scandal that still haunts the care home”.

In a statement, Vine said: “The child abuse crisis is now the most pressing priority of our government.

“As a former child protection commissioner, it is my duty to ensure there is a proper, independent inquiry, so we can bring this awful tragedy to an end.””

What is child abuse?”

As a former child protection commissioner, it is my duty to ensure there is a proper, independent inquiry, so we can bring this awful tragedy to an end.”

What is child abuse?

What is a paedophile?

A child abuser is someone who sexually abuses children for sexual gratification, usually by a person under the age of 16.

The term paedophile is often used in relation to people who commit offences against children and is generally used to describe those who are physically and psychologically abusive towards children.

The word paedophile comes from the Latin word peder, meaning to have sexual contact with, and who are attracted to.

The criminal code defines paedophiles as anyone who engages in the commission of “sexual offences against a child”, but does not define who is “a child”.

In terms of what constitutes child abuse in the criminal law, the term child abuse comes from a child protection offence known as sexual offences against the person.

In the criminal code, the offence can be committed by anyone who, without lawful authority, “sexualises, assaults, molests, or touches a child in a manner likely to cause that child to feel distressed, frightened, or confused, or to have a sense of unreasonableness or a lack of control over his or her own behaviour”.

The definition of sexual offences in the Criminal Code is broad and includes all forms of “consensual or sexual touching” that involve sexual activity, including “sexual intercourse”.

However, it does not include “any touching which is not sexual”.

What is the role of a child abuse specialist?

Child abuse specialist is a term used to identify people who are trained to identify children in circumstances where it would be difficult for the victim to identify their abuser.

A child abuse practitioner is a person who is trained to advise parents on how to protect children, and can help parents identify their child’s abuser, and to deal with any concerns the child might have.

The role of child abuse specialists varies depending on the nature of the offence and the type of perpetrator. 

If it is an adult, a child abuser specialist will be a trained person who will have experience of dealing with children and will be able to assess the risk of harm. 

But if the crime is committed by a child under 16, a specialist may be someone who has experience working with children or has a background in working with vulnerable adults. 

However, in most cases, a professional who has been trained to deal on behalf of a vulnerable child or adult will be in the best position to assess and help the child or adults involved.

The Government says it will take a number of steps to help protect children.

A report published last year by the Government’s own child protection committee