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‘I was in my late 20s’: Father of 17 who killed himself ‘came from a very troubled background’

A father who took his own life aged 17 has been described as a “caring, loving man” who had a “great heart” who “wasn’t a selfish person” and who “did not have any bitterness”.

Key points:In a statement released by the family, Mr Bontemps said his father was an “enthusiastic” and “pragmatic” father and he had a deep love for the country and “the people” in his communityMr Bontemp’s family say they are devastated by his deathMr Bonto’s family said he had suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts since childhoodMr Bataill was an avid rugby player who was in his late 20st when he killed himself in March last yearMr Bortombs funeral was held in the small town of Pottstown in Northern Territory.

The father-of-two was last seen alive around 1.30pm local time (1330 GMT) in the village of Garti.

Family members have said they are “shocked and devastated” and are still in shock over the loss of their father-in-law.

“His love and concern for the people of Gartsdale and the people who were impacted by his illness was an unshakeable part of his life,” the statement said.

“He loved the community, his family, and he loved his church, which he said was a great source of support.”

Mr Buntomp’s funeral service was attended by about 500 people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, as well as the Bishop of Gortarra and the Indigenous Peoples Council of Australia.

He was remembered as a man of strong character, who “lived his life to the full”, his family said in a statement.

Mr Bompbs funeral has been attended by the Bishop and Indigenous Peoples Committee of Australia as well, and the Bishop said he hoped “his family would never be left in this state”.

He was “one of the best people I have ever known and I am so very proud of him and of his family”, he said.

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